Breining Group LLC is committed to providing quality professional services within the meetings industry. We will sustain a personal commitment to our clients, and assist them in achieving their goals, while maintaining a high standard of ethics, integrity and professionalism.


Breining Group LLC is a consortium focusing on the development and production of effective meetings. With a long, respected career in the meeting industry, Breining Group’s managing partner, Terri Breining, brings decades of experience to individuals and organizations that have felt the need to reenergize, reinvigorate, and re-imagine their meetings.

The meeting industry has experienced unprecedented change in the last decade, which has demanded several fundamental shifts for organizations.

Breining Group offers three primary services to equip planning executives to deal with such change. These service areas include Coaching and Training, Board Facilitation, and Meeting Design. Focus on these areas will ensure success for any organization ready to transform their meetings and deliver greater value to the people they serve.

What Others Are Saying

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“I can’t begin to thank you enough for all of your time and energy spent in creating a fantastic advisory board experience. It was a home run in every way and your expert leadership was a big reason for the success.”

David Peckinpaugh Vice President of Business Development, Helms Briscoe

“I could clearly see the benefit of having you facilitate both retreats this year and the positive impact of that continuity. Every time I see you present you’ve become even more powerful, graceful and intuitive”

Tamra Rutherford Professional Development Coach, Rutherford Associates

“Your down to earth real life approach to the world makes you a terrific facilitator. The retreat was very productive for all of us and caused me to do some self reflection”

Marc Berkowitz, CMP California Association of Realtors


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Enable your board to work with greater clarity and direction.
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Transform your meetings.
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Breining Group Inc., joins Meetings Trilogy, an alliance comprised of some of the most experienced and well known individuals in the meetings industry. Read more